1. You are receiving this notification because certain personal information belonging to you is being collected by Vertua Limited (referred to in this document as Vertua Limited).
  2. The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act) imposes obligations on Vertua Limited in relation to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information. These obligations are detailed in the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act.
  3. Under the APPs, Vertua Limited is only permitted to collect personal information if it is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, one or more of the functions or activities of Vertua Limited.
  4. Vertua Limited is collecting your personal information for the following purpose:
    1. information that we may require to initially identify you, including but not limited to your full name (or the name of your business), age, date of birth and job title;
    2. information that we can use to contact you, including but not limited to your telephone number, facsimile number, mobile number, email address and mailing address;
    3. information that we will require when registering you as an investor and opening an account with us for the provision of appropriate products and services, including but not limited to:
      1. personal details, such as full name (or the name of your business), age, date of birth, job title and any identification documents;
      2. contact details, such as your telephone or facsimile number, mobile number, email address and mailing address; and
      3. any financial information that may be relevant to the registration of you as an investor or the opening of an account with us for the provision of appropriate products or services, such as financial accounts and banking accounts;
    4. information that we can use to:
      1. process your requests for products or services provided by us; or
      2. process any investment transactions (including any purchases and sales) on your behalf

      including but not limited to your credit card number, name on the credit card, credit card expiry date and credit card security code, bank account type, bank account name, bank account number or IBAN, BSB, BIC/SWIFT codes, name and address of your bank;

    5. information that may be used for statistical purposes, or to improve our Website, products, services and performance, including but not limited to the date and time of your visit of our Website, the web pages you have accessed from our Website; the documents you have downloaded from our Website, your IP address and the operating system and internet browser you are using to access our Website.

    (collectively, the Purposes).

  5. Vertua Limited may disclose your personal information to third parties to fulfil one or more of the Purposes.
  6. The third parties to whom Vertua Limited is likely to disclose your personal information to fulfil one or more of the Purposes may include but not limited to:
    1. member organisations of the Vertua Limited;
    2. companies or individuals contracted to assist us in providing services or who perform functions on our behalf (such as mailing houses, specialist consultants, barristers and solicitors, contractors or temporary employees to handle peak period workloads, information technology service providers, superannuation fund trustees, insurance providers, fund managers, market research organisations and other product providers);
    3. courts, tribunals and regulatory authorities, as required or authorised by law and in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants;
    4. auditors or compliance officers, as required by Law or Professional Associations;
    5. anyone else to whom you consent, such as banks, accountants and other financial institutions;
    6. administrators and unit registries (including for the purposes of anti-money laundering requirements and processes).
  7. Some of these third parties may be located overseas. We will not send personal information to organisations outside of Australia unless:
    1. we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient does not breach the Privacy Act, or the APPs;
    2. the recipient is subject to a privacy scheme similar to the Privacy Act; or
    3. you have consented to the disclosure.
  8. If Vertua Limited is unable to collect your personal information, then Vertua Limited may be unable to fulfil one or more of the Purposes.
  9. Vertua Limited aims to handle your personal information in accordance with its obligations under the Privacy Act.
  10. If you require further information on the Privacy Act or in relation to the way Vertua Limited collects, handles, stores and discloses your personal information, please refer to the privacy policy, which can be accessed by clicking on Privacy Policy.
  11. The Privacy Policy also contains details about how you may access personal information about you that is held by Vertua Limited, and seek the correction of such information. The Privacy Policy also explains how you may complain about a breach of the Privacy Act by Vertua Limited and how Vertua Limited will deal with such a complaint.
  12. If you have any questions or queries in relation to the collection of your personal information by Vertua Limited, you can contact Vertua Limited on info@vertua.com.au or (02) 8624 6130.
  13. This privacy notification is made in compliance with Australian Privacy Principle 5.