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Your funds are best managed when underpinned by clear and clever strategy. Your money is best cared for when it is looked after by a trusted team of experts who understand every detail and nuance of your investments.

The Vertua Opportunities Fund

The Vertua Opportunities Fund

The tourism industry has experienced strong and consistent growth in the last ten years. We have established The Vertua Opportunities Fund to capitalise on this growth through the acquisition of small-to-medium tourism assets in regional NSW.

We are developing this multi-asset tourism portfolio to be sold in a single exit strategy. Before becoming part of the portfolio, each asset undergoes rigorous risk assessment to ensure they have realistic and consistent growth potential. Once we acquire the asset, we actively own, operate, and manage them to create maximum value and generate significant returns.

Defender Global Fund
Defender GF

Defender Global Fund

Defender Global Fund provides holders with exposure to global markets with a bias toward Australia and opportunistic allocations to the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Fund typically invest in the following assets:

  • Listed Equities;
  • Cash and Cash-like investments;
  • Foreign currencies;
  • Debt and interest products (such as Government issued bonds and loans);
  • Unlisted Equities;
  • Products that are a hybrid of the above or convertible from one to another; and
  • Derivatives with respect to the above asset classes and other investments such as commodities and real estate.