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We make the best deals and the best investments to make you the most money we can. We combine our unique experience and unconventional approach for better returns.

We could tell you about our diversified portfolio, about our syndicate model, and about our detail-oriented approach.

But what really sets us apart is how we take the ‘road less travelled’. That means we do things differently to other companies. We see around corners and solve problems. And that’s how we get superior returns.

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Our Team

We have a high-achieving team of over 100 staff across our Professional Services, Property, and Funds Management businesses. Every person that is hired as part of our team has been brought on board because of their unique skill set, and because they share the same dogged determination to chase a dollar. And because of that, we trust every member in our team to get things done right.

Board of Directors

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Christopher Bregenhoj


Christopher is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience in investment banking and private equity in Australia and Hong Kong.

As an Executive Director of what is now oOh! Media, Christopher was responsible for corporate acquisitions and the in-house legal division. Ooh! Media was acquired by CHAMP Private Equity in 2012 for $166 million.

In 2012, Christopher entered into a joint venture to acquire and redevelop a property, ‘Astonia’. The six apartments sold for $44.6 million and set a lower North Shore record.

Christopher sits on multiple Boards of investment banking and property development businesses.

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Ben Doyle

Non-Executive Director

Ben is the CEO and founder of Fiducia Property Group. Having managed Fiducia for over 16 years, Ben has developed over $350 million of property developments. Ben won the 2015 ‘NSW Development of the year sub $5million’ category in the Housing Industry Australia (HIA) Awards.

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James Manning

Executive Director

With a Master’s in Business Finance and a Bachelor of Accounting, James has operated a family office for over 10 years. As the Managing Director of Vertua Limited, he has invested in and managed an extensive number of developments across Australia and New Zealand. Prior to his current position, James owned and operated many successful hotels in the greater Sydney region and brings unique experience in property and hospitality.

Christos Kyriakides

Chief Financial Officer

Christos is a qualified Chartered Accountant, with 7 years’ experience in insolvency and restructuring with Ferrier Hodgson through the height of the GFC.

Having worked on a number of high-profile restructuring cases, Christos has engaged in complex change events such as sale of business transactions and business transformations.

Christos has strong experience in capital management, process and procedures development and refinement.

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  • 2004

    Property Fox No. 2 incorporated

    ▪ Property Fox No. 2 incorporated

  • 2005

    ▪ Toowomba purchase – 50% ownership of interest in development
    ▪ Fox Riverside Pty Ltd investment
    ▪ Joint Venture developing Brisbane riverfront

  • 2006

    ▪ $300,000 investment in Fox Riverside Pty Ltd
    ▪ Company owns 49% of issued capital in Fox Riverside Pty Ltd

  • 2007

    ▪ Two development sites SOLD in Brisbane Riverfront Project

  • 2008

    ▪ JV reports $158,700 profit for year following sale of other properties

    ▪ Company has 50% interest in 8 adjoining properties in Toowoomba – revaluation shows $163,066 increase

    ▪ Sale of JV property at Tennyson

  • 2009

    ▪ Final Brisbane property sale in JV with Kaiaprop Brisbane River Pty Ltd & Property Fox No.1 Limited

    ▪ $1,090,950 received as part of sum received for JV wind up

    ▪ Company contracted to purchase 20% of Toowoomba properties (owned by Freeman Fox Investments Pty Ltd)

  • 2010

    ▪ 100% takeover of Property Fox No.1
-Approval of strata plan for Vine St units

    ▪ Secured option over property adjoining land in Toowoomba

  • 2011

    ▪ Development Application lodged for Toowoomba development

    ▪ SOLD property in Anstead at $45,000 impairment

    ▪ Dec 2010 – conversion of units at Vine St in Fairfield, Sydney to strata title. 4 units SOLD at a book profit of $244,000

  • 2012

    ▪ Company name change to VERTUA
-Successful Council District Approval for Toowoomba

  • 2014

    ▪ SOLD last property in Toowoomba – sale price $679,000
-Joe Public Property Management purchases 19.9% of Vertua shares – becoming majority shareholder

    ▪ Vertua purchases 3 home untis in Lane Cove

    ▪ JV with Fiducia 2 Pty Ltd and Manning Property Ltd

  • 2015

    ▪ Lane Cove development successfully sells 3 of 4 properties

    ▪ Established funding arrangement with Calvert Investments Pty Ltd

    ▪ Vertua acquires Horizon print Management Pty Ltd (Horizon) from Carrington Forsythe Investments Pty Ltd

    ▪ Vertua acquires Joe Publis Holdings

  • 2016

    ▪ Vertua Investments Limited (VIL) acquires Locumsgroup – first 40% settled
-Acquisition of 75% of CFL Property Pty Ltd & CFL Property Unit Trust

    ▪ Acquisition of 75% of CFL Property Pty Ltd & CFL Property Unit Trust
    ▪ Acquisition of RB Partners & Interest in the “Astonia”

  • 2017

    ▪ Coming soon.

  • 2018

    -Coming soon.

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